What You'll Learn On Day 5:

  • How to tap into your creative/innovative mind
  • A way to energize the part of your mind that optimizes your life
  • How to build the energy to get yourself ready for what’s next

Today’s video will challenge you to elevate your Higher Mind Energy so you can consciously choose to put yourself in the state of readiness for whatever is next in your life.

You’ll discover how to fuel the part of your mind that helps you innovate, create, optimize and utilize higher level thinking, so you can move forward and create your next level, whatever that is

In today’s video you’re going to learn how to energize the part of your mind that allows you to ask higher quality questions like “Is who I’m being right now really the best version of me for this situation?” or “How can I be even more ready to be, do, have and give more?”

Your Higher Mind is the aspect of your consciousness that helps you get inspired by the limitless possibilities that exist, to get ready for what’s next — and get ready to have a greater impact in the world by truly saying “Yes!” to life.  

Elevating your Higher Mind Energy helps you:

  • Disrupt limiting patterns and beliefs and tap into possibility
  • Build up the energy to optimize and take things to the next level
  • Get yourself ready for whatever is next in your life

Today you have the opportunity to elevate the energy that propels you forward.  I invite you to approach the exercise with optimism and dig deep down to tap into the part of yourself that truly is ready to make things happen!

So are you ready?!  Let’s do it.


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