Discover How to Take Your Energetic Practice to the Next Level: Introducing the Higher Heart & Brain Activation Webinar 

One of the keys to having a greater impact in the world and experiencing more peace, joy and fulfillment is the creation of heart-brain coherence, also known as “ entrainment”.

Entrainment is a syncing up of inner-processes, including your heart, brain and respiratory rhythms, to establish an energetic flow-state where your body and mind are working powerfully together as one.

No matter how smart you are, how hard you work or how positive your intentions are, when your heart and brain are out-of-sync you feel less energy, less clarity, less flow, more discomfort, more irritability and a decreased ability to adapt to the world around you.

Heart-brain coherence/entrainment not only increases your health and happiness, it positively influences the energy field around you, rippling out to out others regardless of the physical distance between you.

In this Live 90 minute webinar you’ll discover how to access and cultivate a super-conscious state of energetic-flow that grounds your body, expands your mind and connects you to the limitless field of energy within and all around you.

Using the same principles that inform my work with individuals on the table, I’ll guide you virtually to create an “entrainment” between your heart and brain that will leave you feeling more in-sync, energized and in an effortless flow-state–where resistance, friction and blockages simply cannot exist.

You’ll learn energetic principles and practices that build on what you experienced in the Fight-or-Flight to Flow Challenge–and I’ll guide you deeper into the science and consciousness models behind this work.

Working with energy isn’t something that you need to be born with, it’s something that you can learn as I did (and I continue to cultivate my skills and knowledge to this day).

In this mini-course you'll:

  • Discover the physiological and energetic links between your heart and brain, and learn the importance of consciously cultivating that connection for increased performance and fulfillment.

  • Learn specific breathing, visualization and movement patterns to create a highly coherent state in your mind-body that you can revisit at-will.

  • Experience a guided meditation/activation to help you get your heart and brain entrained, in-sync and in-flow.

Price - $49

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